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"Issue price" refers to the price established by the publisher or artist when the item is released. We maintain that price as long as possible. Once the item is "sold out" and only available thru "secondary" or "resale" sources, pricing can vary day by day or hour by hour as resales occur. In such instances, the prices you see on our website may represent the last of those items sold as opposed to today's price. That is why we often tell you to "email" for pricing. And that is why prices often change without notice. For your convenience, items are priced without frames unless otherwise indicated.

Errors in pricing and information with regard to sizes and data seldom occur as our staff makes every effort to be accurate. However, should a mistake in our listings occur, the buyer agrees that Gallery One will not be held responsible for errors and/or omissions.

In compliance with Federal Copyright Laws, the art work you are purchasing is legally yours, yet the artist retains the copyright in and to the image, including all reproduction rights.

Relative to original art, you may be requested by the artist to lend him/her the artwork for a period of time so that it may be photographed under the direction of the artist. Or the work may be requested for use in a museum exhibition. In all such instances, shipping and insurance will be handled by the artist or by Gallery One on behalf of the artist.

Such exposure is extremely desireable as it usually enhances the value of the art.

So that we may locate original art if needed, we ask that you notify Gallery One should you relocate or transfer the ownership of the art that you are purchasing from Gallery One.

Images are copyrighted
and subject to price and availability. Image sizes are approximate. Artwork is MINT unless indicated to the contrary.

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Native Trails, Fresh Tracks Commemorative Edition by Z. S. Liang
Classic Bedtime Stories Illustratred by Scott Gustafson
Observers Above Fort Phil Kearny by Z. S. Liang Mary Had a Little Lamb by Scott Gustafson
The Vision Quest by Z. S. Liang Sleeping Beauty by Scott Gustafson
Preparing for the Confrontation by Z. S. Liang The Man in the Moon by Scott Gustafson
The Charge of Crazy Horse on Fort Laramie by Z. S. Liang Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Scott Gustafson
Hunting the River Bank by Z. S. Liang Three Little Pigs by Scott Gustafson
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The Source of Intelligent Life © Alan Bean

The Source of Intelligent Life © Alan Bean

A Greenwich Workshop BrushStrokes Textured Giclée Canvas
18" x 24"
Edition Size: 145 s/n
Price: $685 US
Shipping in September

It’s all a matter of perspective.

For centuries, man has gazed at the moon in wonderment. But imagine seeing the earth from a lunar perspective. Of the twelve brave pioneers who have, only ONE has recreated so singular an experience in works of fine art that are available to an exclusive group of collectors.

The Source of intelligent Life by Alan Bean captures the fragile beauty of earth, suspended in the vastness of space. Before beginning this painting, the artist first coated his canvas with a special texturing material. Into this, Bean made impressions that replicate those left on the lunar surface, using the same geological hammer and bit he used to collect lunar rock samples. He also recreated his footprints using casts of the actual boots he wore on the mission.

I could tell you that The Source of Intelligent Life looks and feels like the original painting. But the truth is, it looks and feels like the surface of the moon. Add it to your collection, and everyone who sees it will come away with an entirely new perspective. I urge you to call me right away to be assured of availability.

Alan Brown's signature

Alan Brown, president Gallery One

Alan Brown

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Bev Doolittle


By an extraordinary stroke of good fortune, Gallery One is acquiring a HUGE collection of Bev Doolittle prints. Unseen by human eyes for years, these rare and highly sought-after prints have never even seen daylight.

For a serious collector it doesn’t get any better:

  • All are MINT
  • Most are ONE ONLY
  • ALL are unframed, still in their ORIGINAL ENVELOPES
  • Many are extremely RARE

Included in this collection are:

The Forest Has Eyes by Bev Doolittle
The Forest Has Eyes
Let My Spirit Soar by Bev Doolittle
Let My Spirit Soar
Doubled Back by Bev Doolittle
Doubled Back
Wolves of the Crow by Bev Doolittle
Wolves of the Crow
Two Indian Horses by Bev Doolittle
Two Indian Horses

The Owner is saying:

  • “Sell these prints BELOW CURRENT VALUE to move them quickly!”

My wife is saying:

  • “Do what you’re told!!”

I’m saying:

  • Don’t wait − Call me ASAP for LOW sale prices − 800.621.1141!


Alan Brown's signature

Alan Brown, president Gallery One

Alan Brown



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Dear Kinkade Collector −  

All good things must end, and our fabulous exhibit of Thomas Kinkade works, painted under his brush name of Robert Girrard, ENDS in TWO DAYS!

These rare Impressionistic works were kept behind closed doors for more than 25 years. If you love the way Thom’s art enhances your life, you owe it to yourself to see this unique collection; an opportunity that will not come again soon. You will gain a new perspective and an added appreciation for his talent.

By all means, get to Gallery One before 6 p.m. this Thursday, September 11. This will be your LAST chance to see this outstanding art collection IN PERSON.

Call me for further details!

Jen Lasher-Dobush
Jen Lasher-Dobush, Director
Kinkade Signature Gallery

Gallery One, 7003 Center St., Mentor OH 44060  800.621.1141/440.255.1200

Spring Meadows by Thomas Kinkade as Robert GirrardSpring Meadows by Thomas Kinkade as Robert Girrard
Spring Meadows by Thomas Kinkade as Robert Girrard
Heartfelt Emotions by Paul LandryHeartfelt Emotions by Paul Landry
Heartfelt Emotions by Paul Landry
Stars and Stripes by Judy LarsonStars and Stripes by Judy Larson
Stars and Stripes by Judy Larson
My Brother, Jim Irwin by Alan BeanMy Brother, Jim Irwin by Alan Bean
My Brother, Jim Irwin by Alan Bean
Staccato by Andrew DenmanStaccato by Andrew Denman
Staccato by Andrew Denman
Fireworks by Mo DevlinFireworks by Mo Devlin
Fireworks by Mo Devlin
Cloudy Dominion by Larry DykeCloudy Dominion by Larry Dyke
Cloudy Dominion by Larry Dyke
El Lechero by George HallmarkEl Lechero by George Hallmark
El Lechero by George Hallmark
Silver and Gold by Thomas KinkadeSilver and Gold by Thomas Kinkade
Silver and Gold by Thomas Kinkade
Native Trails, Fresh Tracks by Z. S. LiangNative Trails, Fresh Tracks by Z. S. Liang
Native Trails, Fresh Tracks by Z. S. Liang
Undivided Attention by Bonnie MarrisUndivided Attention by Bonnie Marris
Undivided Attention by Bonnie Marris
Majestic Serenity by Denis MilhommeMajestic Serenity by Denis Milhomme
Majestic Serenity by Denis Milhomme
Sleepy Hollow by Phillip PhilbeckSleepy Hollow by Phillip Philbeck
Sleepy Hollow by Phillip Philbeck
A Kiss for a Kiss by Stephen ShortridgeA Kiss for a Kiss by Stephen Shortridge
A Kiss for a Kiss by Stephen Shortridge
The Trackers by Morgan WeistlingThe Trackers by Morgan Weistling
The Trackers by Morgan Weistling
All Images ©Respective Artists

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